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A natural way to improving your health.

Placing an Order

Let us show you how Sea Moss can help you:

Sea Moss is an algae, which has been around for thousands of years and can be found in places such as Ireland,  the Caribbean and North American. It has vital properties that help people with malnutrition since it contains 92 of the 102 minerals needed by the human body such as calcium,  potassium and magnesium.  The benefits to using sea moss is what lead me to wanting to create products people could use constantly and improve their health.  

The benefits are a healthy mucus membrane, digestive system, thyroid gland, healthy  weight management, mental and reproductive health (i.e. fights iron deficiency, dissolve mucus, improves mental health, and aids on weight loss).  It produces collagen for healthy skin, hair, nails and joints. Additionally, it is great for detoxing, reducing mucus, inflammation and  high blood pressure. Finally, since it is rich in iodine it promotes thyroid health as well as increases energy and  the libido. 

Lately,  during the pandemic we  are discovering that we have two sea moss gel mixes that work awesome for COVID-19 as well as for the cold and flu season.  One is the bladderwrack and burdock root sea moss mix and the other is the elderberry and  cinnamon sea moss mix.

Note:  Unlike with man-made iron you have limit your in-take but with sea moss you do not because it is natural sea plant from God.



 While taking the sea moss gels your body will go through a detox. If you are having mucus coming from the nasal cavity or coughing up mucus do not assume you have the COVID, cold or flu it is your body detoxing. 


                                                                    Detox Warning Signs


You may have some or all these symptoms:  cold and flu symptoms, change in bowel movement, expelling mucus, feeling cold, low energy, aches, and pains as well as low

blood sugar. These are temporary symptoms. They usually go away after the first week as your body adjusting the detox.

Disclaimer:  I, Jennette Roberts am not doctor, nurse, herbiest nor do I have any professional medical or culinary certification whatever. Consult your doctor before using especially if you are pregnant or nursing and to avoid any allergic reaction. Should not give to children under 5 years old and only half for children six or older, avoid giving to those with natural high energy.

Please call or text below to place an order:

Tel: 210-717-7574

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