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Jennette Roberts


I am from Houston, Texas but have lived in San Antonio since 2001.  After retiring  as a natural stylist I had to find a new career path and I start researching different things and came across the video of Dr. Sebi speaking about sea moss.  As I watched the video it brought back memories of my mother's health issues prior to her death and that made me question if sea moss would have helped her. So, after further research I decided to incorporate sea moss into the diet of my family which gave us amazing benefits that had to be shared with others.  It help me with my depression after my mom passed, it  also provided me more energy.  This lead me to make products for others so they could reap the benefits during allergy or flu season. 

I decided to come up with my own sea moss products that includes a gels, juices, teas and capsules. They offer the body the essential minerals needed for lasting health benefits.  As I have expanded my menu to include other ingredients such as honey, turmeric and ginger the feedback has been positive with customers that have had COVID, the flu, and controlling pain issues.


Personal testimony from me regarding a diagnosis of fatty liver 

January 2021, I went to the emergency room because I was experiencing issues with high blood pressure, fatigue and nausea.  After running a few test the doctor told me that he ruled out the high blood pressure associated with my heart and diagnosed me with fatty liver due to overeating. Additionally, he advised that I change my diet and exercise more as well as putting me on medication.  I took two out three things that he advised me to do.  I elected to detox my body along with fasting. I did a three week fast and detox, letting go of all worry and stress, giving all to God while maintaining a healthy diet and taking sea moss every day.  I detoxed my body with a detox tonic that I made which includes burdock root, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, elderberry, cinnamon, bladderwrack, stinging nettle, cascara sagranda, prodigiosa, and rhubarb root. Additionally, I incorporated milk thistle capsules and dandelion tea to detox the liver. Finally, I eat plenty of green vegetables, citrus fruits and drunk a gallon of water daily. By September 2021, I had appointment with another doctor who ran new labs, that came back which said I no longer had fatty liver.  I have always trusted God with my life, now I trust his herbs.    


 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

 "God made sea moss and it does everything" ~ Dr Sebi


Video on Benefits of Sea Moss by Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi talks to us about sea moss and demonstrates how it had benefited him. 


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